Bulk Organic Sugar

Bulk organic sugar

Organic sugar is named after the specific way in growing the sugar. At Indiana Sugars, our bulk organic sugar and organic liquid sugar are never grown with synthetic herbicides or pesticides.


What is Organic Sugar?

Consumers are familiar with the term “organic.” However, most are unaware of its exact definition. Certified organic sugar must abide by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s standards which dictate a careful and specific processing, handling, and packaging process.

  • In alliance with the USDA, the National Organic Program (NOP) regulates the “organic” food label.
  • Organic sugar growers must be inspected and approved by the USDA to ensure a growing process with sustainable soil and water quality.
  • Sugar grown organically must exclude any genetically modified seeds in addition to synthetic herbicides, pesticides, or fertilizers.
  • The processing, handling, and packaging of organic sugar must comply with NOP-regulated procedure.
  • Organic sugar displaying the USDA organic seal must pass NOP certification, performed by an agent.


How is Organic Sugar Made?

Cane sugar grown organically (according to the specifications listed above) is washed, chopped, and crushed. Then, the extracted cane juice is then boiled, spun, and dried, forming organic sugar crystals as a result. Finally, in order to remove excess molasses, the sugar crystals are usually steam cleaned.


Why Choose Indiana Sugars for Bulk Organic Sugar?

We Meet Customer Needs

We are dedicated to meeting customer’s immediate and long-term needs. Our timely shipments allow for limited downtime and maximized operation.

We Perform with Operational Excellence

We are a multi-generational, family-operated business with over 90 years of experience. For decades, we have provided excellence in the manufacturing and distribution of a variety of sugar, sweetener, and related products – and we continue to provide excellence today.


Available Sizes

We provide two primary sizes of bulk organic sugar – a 50 pound bag or 2,000 pound tote. Select your desired size below:


50 lb bags
2,000 lb totes