About Bulk Sanding Sugar

Sanding sugar is any baker’s ideal decorating add-on as the large, sparkling crystals do not dissolve from heat. Though often confused with coarse sugar, sanding sugar is larger and smoother than coarse. Sanding sugar is commonly colored for added effect.

How is Sanding Sugar Made?

Sanding sugar is made from dried sugar syrup. The remaining residue is screened and, often, colored to a desired hue. Learn more about our selection of bulk colored sanding sugar here!

What is the Difference Between Sanding Sugar and Sparkling Sugar?

There are minimal differences between sanding sugar and sparkling sugar. However, to an influential baker, utilizing the correct sugar is priceless. Sanding sugar is often utilized to garnish detailed or decorated baked goods and candies, while sparkling sugar adds a shimmery finish when tossed on top of any product.

Bulk Sanding Sugar Forms

At Indiana Sugars, we sell sanding sugar in three forms.

Con AA

Con AA is a coarse and large-particle sugar that adds luster to a variety of baked goods, an excellent garnish for cookies, cupcakes, and scones. The crunchy topping adds a layer of sweetness to any baked product.

Sanding & Specialty Sanding

Except when boiled, our sanding sugar is a large, crystalized sugar that does not dissolve when subject to heat. Due to its reflective nature, it is often called “decorating sugar” as bulk sanding sugar adds an attractive shimmer to batches of baked goods.

Why Choose Indiana Sugars?

  • Our bulk sanding sugar is completely pure, clear, and large-grained.
  • Our colored sanding sugar adds a sparkle or shimmery effect when sprinkled on candies (gum and jelly goods), cookies, pies, pastries, turnovers, etc.
  • In boiled syrups and boiled-type icings, our sanding sugar dissolves uniformly, with minimal foaming or discoloring.
  • Our sanding sugar is produced to order; we have the capacity to react to short lead times.

Available Sizes

We provide four primary sizes of plain sanding sugar – a 25-pound box, 50-pound box, or 100-pound box. Select your desired size below:

25 lb box
50 lb box
100 lb box