Bulk Powdered Sugar

bulk powdered sugar

Commonly known as confectioners or icing sugar, powdered sugar is a finely-ground, granulated sugar that is milled into a powder according to desired specifications. Industrial food production regularly utilizes bulk powdered sugar for quick-dissolving applications. To prevent caking and ensure a smooth flow, a small amount of corn starch (3%-5%) is always added to our powdered sugar.

Fresh Bulk Powdered Sugar From Indiana Sugars

Milliana Powdered Sugar® is a product of premium quality due to its finely pulverized sucrose. It is carefully produced from the finest sugar to resist caking and provide consistent flavor. Its fresh, clean sweetness and fluffy texture pairs well with various products such as confections, icings, frostings, glazings, and fillings.

Suppliers often make powdered sugar in large batches. When an order is placed, customers receive powdered sugar from stock. At Indiana Sugars, we produce our bulk powdered sugar to order. When we receive a request, we produce the powder a few days prior to delivery. Our mission is to deliver the freshest, fluffiest powdered sugar to the buyer, eliminating extraneous time between sugar creation and customer use. Within a 300-mile radius, we deliver within 24 hours.

Bulk Powdered Sugar Grades

The fineness to which the granulated sugar is ground determines the familiar “X” factor: 12X, 10X, and 6X (most commonly used). Our powdered sugar is excellent for a variety of bakery goods, confectionary items, and beverages.

Why Buy Powdered Sugar in Bulk With Indiana Sugars?

For nearly a century, we have partnered with manufacturers in the food industry, delivering trustworthy, dependable service to longstanding customers. Our goal is to craft every product with the highest standards in our industry. Along the way, we seek to build long-lasting relationships with valuable customers.

Timely Shipments

Even though we produce powdered sugar upon request, our shipments are timely and reliable. We understand that downtime is not an option for food industry leaders. We consistently meet and exceed expectations, addressing every customer’s ordinary and extraordinary needs with phenomenal customer service.

Tested Quality

Before a customer receives a shipment, it must pass our laboratory testing for premium quality. Product freshness is equally important to our team as it is to our customers. Therefore, we strive to provide the highest distribution and manufacturing standards, committed to excellence.

Available Sizes

At Indiana Sugars, we provide food service bags in 50 LB bags per box. We also provide 100 LB bags and 2,000 LB totes. Please select the desired amount below.

50 lb bags
100 lb bags
2,000 lb totes