Bulk Brown Sugar

Brown (soft) sugar is the commingling of fine grain white sugar and a film of molasses. The addition of molasses distinguishes brown sugar from other varieties, such as plain white sugar or powdered sugar. Highly prized dark brown sugar is often accompanied by rich and complex caramel, toffee, and butterscotch flavors.

Beet brown sugar is produced by coating white granulated sugar with cane molasses. Light – or golden – and dark brown sugar are the two major, commercially available types. Various intermediary grades are regularly available as well.


Milliana Brown Sugar®

At Indiana Sugars, we provide the highest quality light, medium, and dark brown bulk sugar. The grade of brown sugar darkens relative to the amount of molasses present in the sugar.


Light Brown Sugar

Light brown sugar is usually created with about 3.5% molasses. Recipes calling for brown sugar include cookies, cake, bread, butterscotch pudding, and caramel corn, these applications often require golden, or light brown sugar.


Medium Brown Sugar

Medium brown sugar sits between light and dark and is quite flexible in baking.


Dark Brown Sugar

Dark brown sugar is usually created with twice as much molasses as light, or about 6.5%. Due to the amount of molasses in dark brown sugar, recipes requiring a deep, complex flavor – typically complimenting cinnamon, ginger, or cloves – often call for dark sugar. Among the most common recipes with dark brown sugar are gingerbread or chocolate cake.


What About Demerara, Turbinado, and Muscovado Sugar?

Demerara sugar and Turbinado sugar are often referred to as “raw sugar,” are typically utilized for sweetening beverages, such as coffee or tea. Demerara is known for mild molasses flavoring, while turbinado possesses a hint of honey. Muscovado sugar is sticky and thick with an overpowering molasses taste. It does not get spun in a centrifuge, resulting in extremely strong flavors.


Available Sizes

We have the capability to provide 25 and 50 pound food service bags for our Milliana, Golden C®, and Yellow D® bulk brown sugar varieties.


25 lb bags
50 lb bags