Bulk Granulated Sugar

bulk granulated sugar

Perfect for taking the edge off a bitter drink or when sweetening a fresh batch of cookies, bulk granulated sugar is a staple ingredient in the food and beverage industry. Bulk granulated sugar is always in stock at any foodservice establishment. Due to its absolute importance, it is essential to find the best brand for your business needs.

At Indiana Sugars, we offer four variations of bulk granulated sugar: fine, extra-fine, cane, and beet. Each offers unique properties for specific baking or cooking applications.

Fine White Granulated Sugar

Fine, or “regular,” white granulated sugar is most common for baking and cooking, found in households and most foodservice establishments. Fine granulated sugar is formed from small crystals, allowing for bulk handling and caking prevention.

Extra Fine Granulated Sugar

Extra fine granulated sugar is formed from tiny crystals, perfect for use in delicate, smooth desserts or dissolving in cold beverages without the addition of heat.

Granulated Cane Sugar

Cane sugar is produced from the sugarcane plant, another extremely common granulated sugar. With a fruity aroma and sweet aftertaste, granulated cane sugar is excellent for caramelization and uniformity among baked goods.

Granulated Beet Sugar

Beet sugar is another form of granulated sugar, quite popular in both the marketplace and kitchen. As the name implies, beet sugar derives from the sugar beet plant, a root vegetable closely related to the beetroot. Granulated beet sugar is earthy and often produces a crunchy texture, excellent for specific baked goods.

Organoleptic Analysis

At Indiana Sugars, we understand that the taste, smell, and visual appeal of our goods play a role in the excellence of your final products. Thus, our bulk granulated sugar possesses sweet flavors, completely free of any off-odors or strange flavoring.

Available Sizes

Our bulk granulated sugar is available in 25lb bags, 50lb bags, 100lb bags, 2,000lb totes, or 48,000lb bulk tankers. Please select a desired size from the options below:

25 lb bags
50 lb bags
100 lb bags
2,000 lb totes
48,000 lb bulk tanker