Bulk Dextrose

Dextrose is a non-sucrose “sugar,” naturally occurring in many plants, fruits, and honey. In animals, dextrose – also called “glucose” and “grape sugar” – is a vital constituent of blood and is directly metabolized for immediate energy needs.

Like fructose and glucose, dextrose is a monosaccharide or simple sugar. Simple sugars are combined to produce complex sugars, like sucrose.

Dextrose is used in food and beverages as a sweetener, browning agent, humectant, or fermentation substrate. Additionally, it is only 80% as sweet as sucrose and is available in liquid and dry forms.

bulk dextrose

What is Dextrose Used For?


This sugar product is known for a smooth texture, benign sweetness, and a cooling sensation after consumption in food or beverage products. These unique characteristics make it a favorite among consumers. Manufacturers often utilize dextrose in frozen dessert products, nutritive or zero-calorie sweeteners, energy products, and supplements. Dextrose can also extend the shelf life of a variety of products.


Browning Agent

Dextrose is often utilized to encourage a pleasant, golden-brown color in many foods ranging from pastries to fried chips.



Humectants keep products moist, including food, medicine, and cosmetics. Dextrose is often used as a food additive – or food humectant – to retain the intended physical nature of a product for an extended period.


Fermentation Substrate

Sugars of all kinds are common substrates of fermentation products, such as ethanol, lactose, and hydrogen. For example, if lactose ferments during the cheese or yogurt production process, it converts into glucose and galactose.

Available Sizes

At Indiana Sugars, we sell bulk dextrose powder in 50 LB bags or 2,000 LB totes. Please select the desired size from the options below.

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