Bottlers Sugar

bottlers sugar

Bottlers sugar is a pure sugar solution that was developed to provide an easy-to-handle alternative to granulated sugars. It is carefully produced with the finest cane. The sugar provides consistent flavor, color, and consistently low haze. Bottlers sugar is commonly used when you want the sugar to be dissolved, like in a beverage. It can be used as a sweetener for a variety of beverages.  It can sweeten both hot or cold beverages. You could also use it in cocktails or mixed drinks. It can also be used in many bakes and food products. There are times when some sugars don’t mix well with certain bakes, and bottlers sugar can be used as a substitute in a variety of recipes.

Low Color Liquid Sugar

Bottlers sugar can also be referred to as low color liquid sugar and is specifically used for products that you wouldn’t want to change their color. To make the low color, the syrup goes through a carbon filtration process to remove impurities. It is known to be used in a variety of ways and offers restaurants or facilities another option to sweeten their food or products.

Bottlers Sugar

Bottlers sugar is similar to Extra Fine Granulated and meets all standards of the National Soft Drink Association, with respect to:

  • Clarity, color, odor, and taste
  • Ash and sediment content
  • Comparative absence of floc-forming substances
  • Microbiological activity

At INDIANA SUGARS we offer bottlers sugar in 25 lbs and 50 lbs bags. Purchasing in bulk is the most effective way for restaurants and other establishments that need to ensure that they have bottlers sugar on hand. It can be stored at room temperature, it should not be frozen or be left in the heat, both of which can affect the shelf life. When stored correctly, it can often last 6 to 12 months.  Purchase today and receive the highest quality of Bottlers sugar from a company you can trust.

Available Sizes

25 lb bags
50 lb bags